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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Our recent article: Partially superintegrable systems on Poisson manifolds

Our recent article: A.Kurov and G.Sardanashvily, “Partially superintegrable systems on Poisson manifolds” in arXiv: 1606.03868

Abstract. Superintegrable systems on a symplectic manifold conventionally are considered. However, their definition implies a rather restrictive condition 2n=k+m where 2n is a dimension of a symplectic manifold, k is a dimension of a pointwise Lie algebra of a superintegrable system, and m is its corank. To solve this problem, we aim to consider partially superintegrable systems on Poisson manifolds where k+m is the rank of a compatible Poisson structure. The according extensions of the Mishchenko-Fomenko theorem on generalized action-angle coordinates is formulated.

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