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Monday, 27 June 2016

Our recent article: Differential calculus over N-graded commutative rings

Our recent article: G. Sardanashvily and V. Wachowski , “Differential calculus over N-graded commutative rings” in arXiv: 1605.07115

Abstract. The Chevalley-Eilenberg differential calculus and differential operators over N-graded commutative rings are constructed. This is a straightforward generalization of the differential calculus over commutative rings, and it is the most general case of the differential calculus over rings that is not the non-commutative geometry. Since any N-graded ring possesses the associated Z_2-graded structure, this also is the case of the graded differential calculus over Grassmann algebras and the supergeometry and field theory on graded manifolds.

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