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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Do gravitational waves exist?

It seems that gravitational waves do not exist. All efforts to observe them have been unsuccessful:

From the theoretical viewpoint, gravitational waves are ill defined because gravitational equations are non-linear. An energy-momentum tensor of a gravitational field also is under discussion since it reduces to the boundary terms. 

Moreover, it may happen that, being a Higgs field, gravitational field is not quantized, but it is classical in principle (#)


  1. А как насчет квадрупольной формулы Ейнштейна?

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    2. Была бы волна, а теорию придумают. Но волны пока не обнаружено, хотя, вроде бы, уже все доступные приверке источники перепробованы - просто волны, волны от сверхновой, излучение двойных систем и, теперь, космология.