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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Noether theorems in a general setting

My new article Noether theorems in a general settingarXiv: 1411.2910

The first and second Noether theorems are formulated in a general case of reducible degenerate Grassmann-graded Lagrangian theory of even and odd variables on graded bundles. Such Lagrangian theory is characterized by a hierarchy of non-trivial higher-stage Noether identities and the corresponding higher-stage gauge symmetries which are described in the homology terms. In these terms, the second Noether theorems associate to the Koszul - Tate chain complex of higher-stage Noether identities the gauge cochain
sequence whose ascent operator provides higher-order gauge symmetries of Lagrangian theory. If gauge symmetries are algebraically closed, this operator is extended to the nilpotent BRST operator which brings the gauge cochain sequence into the BRST complex. In this framework, the first Noether theorem is formulated as a straightforward corollary of the first variational formula. It associates to any variational Lagrangian symmetry the conserved current whose total differential vanishes on-shell. We prove in a general setting that a conserved current of a gauge symmetry is reduced to a total differential on-shell. The physically relevant examples of gauge theory on principal bundles, gauge gravitational theory on natural bundles, topological Chern - Simons field theory and topological BF theory are present. The last one exemplifies a reducible Lagrangian system.


1 Introduction
2 Graded bundles
   2.1 Grassmann-graded algebraic calculus
   2.2 Grassmann-graded differential calculus
   2.3 Graded manifolds
   2.4 Graded bundles over smooth manifolds
   2.5 Graded jet manifolds
3 Graded Lagrangian formalism
4 First Noether theorem
   4.1 Infinitesimal graded transformations of Lagrangian systems
   4.2 Lagrangian symmetries and conservation laws
   4.3 Gauge symmetries
   4.4 Gauge conservation laws
5 Second Noether theorems
   5.1 Noether and higher-stage Noether identities
   5.2 Inverse second Noether theorem
   5.3 Direct second Noether theorem
   5.4 BRST operator
   5.5 Lagrangian BRST theory
   5.6 Appendix. Noether identities of differential operators
6 Classical field models
   6.1 Gauge theory on principal bundles
   6.2 Gauge gravitation theory on natural bundles
   6.3 Chern -- Simons topological theory
   6.4 Topological BF theory

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