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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My lectures on mathematical physics

G.Sardanashvily, Five lectures on the jet manifold methods in field theory, hep-th/ 9411089

G.Sardanashvily, Ten lectures on jet manifolds in classical and quantum field theory, math-ph/ 0203040

G.Sardanashvily, Fibre bundles, jet manifolds and Lagrangian theory. Lectures for theoreticians, arXiv: 0908.1886v1

G.Sardanashvily, Lectures on supergeometry, arXiv: 0910.0092v1

G.Sardanashvily, Lectures on differential geometry of modules and rings, arXiv: 0910.1515v1

G.Giachetta, L.Mangiarotti, G.Sardanashvily, Advanced mechanics. Mathematical introduction, arXiv: 0911.0411

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