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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Freedom is an immanent property of living nature

In biology, there are no exhaustive criteria of living nature, and living organisms are characterized by a number of phenomenological features such as the ability to move, irritability, the ability to reproduction, adaptation to changing external environment, etc. However, these only are characteristics of a particular protein form of living nature that exists on Earth.

Therefore, I would suggest the following general definition of living nature.

Life is a structure participating in the emergence of a similar structure which cannot appear if an original structure has not existed.

Thus, the thesis - The meaning of life is in its very existence – is the main methodological principle of the study of living organisms.

Since a living structure is involved in the emergence of a similar structure, it should be inherently active, and the possibility of implementation of this activity reveals itself as freedom.

Therefore, freedom is an immanent property of living nature.

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