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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Who is who among universities in 2011

New world ranking of universities "QS Top University Ranking 2011" has been published. It contains 700 universities.

In 2011, my Moscow State University occupies the 112-th place with a coefficient 61.28 of 100, while in the past year - the 93rd place. From Russian universities, in addition to the MSU, there are still 10. The nearest one is Petersburg State University of the 251-th place with a coefficient 41.06.

The top ten positions are occupied by 6 universities of USA and 4 of United Kingdom.

In the top twenty: 13 - USA, 5 - United Kingdom, and one each from Switzerland and Canada.

In the first hundred: 30 – USA; 19 - United Kingdom; 8 - Australia; 6 - Japan; 5 - Canada; 4 - Germany; 3 - Switzerland, China, Hong-Kong, South Korea, the Netherlands; 2 - Singapore, Sweden, France, Denmark; 1 - Ireland, Belgium, New Zealand, Finland and Taiwan.

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